Santos Kitchen Blender

The kitchen blender # 37 is the ideal appliance for mixing, liquefying, grinding, crushing… all kinds of hot and cold preparations: gaspachos, soups, purées, creams. It quickly crushes hard ingredients (ice cubes, lobster carcas). Ideal for restaurants, institutions, hospitals, child care centers, hotels and ice-cream shops.

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Additional Info

Powerful and efficient

  • Powerful commercial motor, very silent.
  • New blades, highly resistant, for a maximum efficiency on all kinds of preparations (liquids and solids).
  • Speed variation from 0 to 15 000 rpm and pulse : 18 000 rpm.


  • Exclusive patent: Santosafe® locking system for bowl and cover. The motor stops when opening the locking system.
  • 2L (68 oz) or 4L (136 oz) bowls, stainless steel or transparent (without bysphenol A)
  • Removable lid to safely add ingredients while blending

Easy to use

  • Hands free use thanks to the locking system for bowl and cover.
  • Possibility to add ingredients while blending thanks to the filler cap on the cover.
  • Easy cleaning: removable bowl, blade, cover and cover seal.