INTEC B605 Paper Bagger

Automatic bagging system for small and medium sized paper bags stacked on a vertical storage. This model has been built in with all necessary items to allow for format changes. This stitching station performs all the necessary maneuvers to dispense the sac, filled, formed and stitched out to the exit conveyor. This model has been built in with all necessary items to automatically adjusting to any format changes by means of selecting the correct receipt on the touch screen.

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Additional Info

  • Bagging available from 5 to 15kg
  • Progressive opening of the sack
  • Double function internal grippers
  • Product in-feed belt 500mm wide
  • Support of Fischbein sewing head
  • Out-feed conveyor synchronized side guides
  • Vibration inside the filling spout
  • Bumper: When fresh-cut product fall from the in-feed belt they may hit the frontal plate and be damaged. To prevent hard impacts there is an elastomeric bumper to decrease spedd and gently handling products.
  • Ergonomics: Every day use of the machine has been ergonomically optimized with the help of side steps and positions to reach the highest parts of the machine.
  • Bag bottom vibration
  • Touch screen