• Willie Jacobs (Director – Bosjac Consulting)

    DG Solutions (Pty) Ltd has assisted us by providing various creative solutions to Bosjac Consulting. Daniel has shown that he is capable of delivering the product and services for which he is promised to deliver. Daniel has shown integrity and openness in all our dealings. His conduct is of a professional nature and has been a pleasure to work with, always willing to assist wherever possible. I would recommend DG Solutions to others requiring their services.

  • Eric Muragana (SABC Education: Project Manager-Digital Media)

    DG Solutions has not disappointed us in the delivery of services for which they are mandated to deliver. Always readily available to assist and attend to tasks assigned and skilled in both design and the technical aspects of the projects. DG Solutions have been pleasant to work with and I will recommend them for any project

  • Anne Harman (Forest Bird Lodge)

    DG Solutions designed the web page for Forest Bird Lodge. It was very well done. The suggestions made by the team were excellent. They understood the basic concept of the lodge and what we had to offer guests. Support has been very useful. They are willing to go the extra mile for the client. I am very confident in recommending DG Solutions to any potential client

  • Amie Terblanche (Blairgowrie Primary School)

    I have been using DG Solutions for the past year. The schools webpage is now so easy to use. In an instant photos are changed or information is updated. The lay out is easy to understand even if your are not familiar with webpages. Help is an e-mail away. I love using DG Soluions and will recommend it for any business.

  • Yvonne Reynolds (SANBI Website Manager)

    I met Daniel in 2008 when he was a developer for the company who won the tender to redevelop the SANBI corporate website on a Joomla platform. This included the development of a complicated CMS with various content types, role players and workflows. Daniel proved invaluable in assisting in clarifying our requirements, documenting what was required and developing the necessary code. I would recommend him for his skills as a php developer, his ability to communicate and understand a client’s requirements and his professional, friendly conduct.