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Easy Punnet

High impact pack for punnets in extruded net and film.
New, innovative and attractive solution that offers ample space for communication to provide produce relating information and to emphasize trademarks or private labels. Easypunnet is wrapped around the punnet; it has film on three sides while the top is part covered in extruded net. Heat sealed.

The film, also available in clear version , can be printed with up to 8 colours in high resolution. Printed is centered on all sides. The extruded net, available in all colours, let the produce breath and enhances its aspect without hiding it.

Space on the bottom of the pack for bar code and other variable data. Extremely versitile pack suitable for several different kind of fruit and vegitables such as peaches, necterines, apricots, plums, kiwi fruits, cherries, strawberries, manderines, tomatoes, grapes and generally speaking all those produce normally contained in punnets. Packs from 500 gr. to 2 kg.

The material used for Easypunnet is entirely recyclable.

Available in two versions; Easypunnet Standard where the top is entirely covered in net and Easypunnet Superplus where the net is welded to two narrow bands of printable film to highlight communication also from the top.